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Size 6J15

RR (Roues Resin)

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  • Sold to Citroen by Michelin F1 Supremo Pierre Dupasquier
  • Glass fiber and resin (not carbon fiber)
  • Resin and production process developed by DSM
  • Wheel retaining nuts are not the same as standard.
  • Produced by Michelin
    • Produced a second run of them in the 1980s upon request from SMCdF
    • Plant producing them was closed in 1992.
    • Where did the molds go?
  • Version 1
    • 4.66 kg
    • Rim size 6J15
    • No center hole
    • Competition and prototype use
      • According to Norbye, used in Morocco rally
      • Did not fit on early SMs without machining the hubs
      • Later cars' hubs were able to take them without any modification
    • Rounded rim does not allow wheel weights to be fitted other than by sticky patch
    • Approved by Opron
    • Supposedly only about 30 sets were made
  • Version 2
    • hub center cap
    • Rounded rim as Version 1
    • Design approved July 6, 1971 with code FH 5.35 RR (per Norbye)
    • Produced from when to when
    • Optional on cars as of Dec 15, 1971
      • not sold in US
  • Version 3
    • European style alloy wheel rim shape for wheel weights
    • Photo above shows this version
    • Produced from when to when
    • not sold in US

Rally car wheels


    • John Titus has devised a wheel spacer that permits mounting of a commonly available 5 x 160mm aftermarket wheel designed for a European Ford Vehicle (15 x 6.5 inch or 16 x 6.5 inch rim). The spacers were to be made available commercially, however, plans were abandoned due to draconian US product liability laws.

Titus Wheel Spacer

SM with 16 x 5.5 aftermarket wheels and Titus wheel spacers

  • dimensions, pictures, notes

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