Voltage Regulator

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The original regulator ...

  • problems...?
    • The metal cover can short out. Fit a fuse to the supply wire at the top of the regulator.
  Incorrect charging may be the body of the regulator is not directly connected to the battery negative (O.E. is a yellow wire).     
  High charging can be caused by a low voltage in the regulator supply wire. First check for bad contacts elsewhere.

There are a number of alternatives:

  • Fit a Ford external regulator (e.g. 1982 Ford Mustang) "I,A,S,F" terminals of Ford Regulator go to wires "L, Bat, R and EXC" from Citroen Voltage Regulator. It is also possible to fit an aftermarket miniature Ford voltage regulator inside the OEM regulator can.

Miniature Ford Regulator inside OE housing

  • You can also mount a modern alternator with internal regulator, such as a Delco CS-121 alternator from a Toyota/PontiacLeMans.

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