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Who am I?

My name is Bruce McKenzie. I'm a software guy, both as an engineer and as a manager. I enjoy the tech side of things but I understand that most things rely on people, so effective communication it critical. I'm mostly retired so I can spend more time wrenching.

I live in Temecula, California, which is southeast of Los Angeles.

I can be emailed at .

What Draws Me to the SM

I think of the SM as the Concorde of Automobiles. (I've seen that written somewhere but I have been using it before that). It's the pinnacle of non-computer technology, and solves every problem in a unique way. Most of them work, too. I mourn that the SM didn't get the lifespan (and consequent development) that other cars got, so that we can only guess where it might have gone.

I love the look of the car, and I love the driving feel.

SM Story

I purchased my white SM off of eBay in 2001. It's a 73. Donn Garriott and Peter Koine checked it out and pronounced it "decent for the price" ($6000). I replaced a few things and loved driving it.

After a while I noticed a major oil leak in the vicinity of the intermediate shaft. So I asked Peter to check it out. He and Lon Price took it out for a drive, and remarked how strong the engine felt. Then they dropped the pan to check the status of the chain. They were horrified to find chunks of piston in the oil pan. Putting a few things together, it appears that the mechanic of the previous owner tried to start it after a few years idle. That broke #5 piston, but in a non-fatal way.

So I took it to a Saab mechanic friend of mine who got it apart...but not together.

Then I found another SM. It's a 1972 with a nice body, engine frozen. Euro headlights but the cables are gone. I've named it "The Black Queen" (as in "garage queen") to go with the White Queen (above). It's black, but was likely Gold originally.

It's an Italian car - round side marker, different license plate holder, Italian business card inside the console -- and more.

It now has a freshly rebuilt engine from David Hume -- a 2.7 block with 3.0 heads. Currently "mostly" ready. Still have brakes to finish and a HC to replace.

In the meantime I bought my friend's Gold 72 -- an ASC car. It was reportedly running (uh-huh) but the wiring is disintegrating. Like the white car, it was left in the hot So Cal sun for 10+ years.

Other Cars

  • Had a Trihawk for 15 years
  • Had a Mehari for a few years
  • Had and loved a 1973 Saab Sonett III [[1]] for years
  • My previous project car is a 1970 Saab 96, which I'm converting to EFI using Megasquirt [[2]]
  • 1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo for going fast.
  • 1995 Range Rover County for going anywhere.

Dream Garage

  • Aston Marting DB9
  • Aston Martin Lagonda
  • McLaren F1
  • (another) Saab Sonett III
  • A Woodie

Other Interests

  • I've run a MythTV [[3]] system for years. It's fabulous, and will change the way you view your TV.
  • I run Gentoo [[4]] and Xen [[5]] at home.
  • I currently work at St. Bernard Software [[6]] as a Sr. Development Manager.
  • (The usual other interests -- books, F1, Wii, the best kids and wife in the world)
  • A great person I am honored to call a friend:

My favorite links

Other Links (Potential SM Modifications)

Things to do

  • Oil cooler hoses with disconnects
  • remote/bypass oil filter (AMSOil)

Pages (Topics) I Want

  • Resin Wheels
  • Tire Selection
  • Auto Trans gear conversion
  • Window switch relay addition
  • What to do when you get your car home
  • Engine Specs
  • Camshafts (pictures of marks, and specs)
  • (pages from other sites)
  • SMOG
  • White Queen, Black Queen pages
  • Wiki/Site FAQ
  • Gear ratios
  • Color photos
  • leather replacing
  • st wheel repair
  • changes between years
  • repair of height correctors
  • sphere crossover

Notes on Parts

(for use in a table)

  • NOS
  • factory-approved/recommended substitutions
  • straight repro of original part
  • "improved" repro of original part
  • straight ("on-label") cross-ref
  • apparently equivalent (not a labelled cross-ref but it is close enough)
  • can be used, perhaps with slight mod
  • different application, but improved part, perhaps with mod

Test Code

<googlemap version="0.9" controls="large" scrollwheel="zoom" type="map" lat="36.633162" lon="-119.025879" zoom="6">

(O) 33.53266, -117.18086, Brucem User:Brucem (S) 34.431435, -118.584814, SM World SM World 25603 Avenue Stanford Santa Clarita, CA (S) 51.956322, 6.292995, Citrosars Citrosars Industriestraat 17, 7005 Doetinchem, Gelderland (P) 40.23061, -76.99263, Brad Nauss Automotive Brad Nauss Automotive 30 A West Allen Street Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 </googlemap>

nope, it's User


Don't forget CERT and Toastmasters! (changing it anonymously)