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Urethane transport spacer
''Urethane transport spacer''

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If you wish to transport or store a SM with its suspension up, you can insert spacing rods between the spheres and pistons.

Use broomstick (1" diameter wood) or hardwood dowels for long-term limited mobility storage. Do not haul car on solid spacers because it removes all suspension springing/travel except for the tires.

For road towing, use urethane rod instead. It compresses so and provides an elastic means of supporting the vehicle. Urethane spacers will deform. The deformation does not affect the operation of the spacer. 90-95A durometer urethane is recommended for durability.

Urethane rod for this purpose is available on eBay in 24 inch lengths from http://stores.ebay.com/Acrotech-Inc-and-Di-Acro as of July 08.

O-rings stacked around the OD of the spacer help center the spacer and help control lateral deformation.


  1. Jack up front -- such that wheels are hanging off ground
  2. Remove spheres.
  3. Push down pistons
  4. Measure deptn -- approx 3"
  5. Push in spacers
  6. Install freeze plugs. (standard 1 1/4" ones) (This protects the damper ass'y in the spheres)
  7. Replace spheres -- Use scrap/spare spheres if possible to minimize risk of damaging good spheres
  8. Lower and repeat on rear. -- Have a drain pan or toweling to catch the hydraulic fluid. The rear cylinders are horizontal and will drain when the sphere is removed.

Urethane rods should be 2.75"/70mm in length. A 0.25"/6mm hole drilled 1.00"/25mm into each end will provide a lower initial compression rate and prevent the car hauler/tow truck driver from destroying your suspension when they "squat" (compress the suspension) for transport.

A 1/4" / 6mm chamfer is machined into the end that rests on the piston.


Urethane transport spacer