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The control rod has rubber bushings inside which are PTFE loaded nylon bushings. First the rubber may 'melt' with oil contamination, then the plastic ones fail. When they are gone, shifting is influenced. These parts are available from the usual suspects and are the same as the DS.

There are two.

A equivalent is Raybestos H5219 (or H52192), available from Rock Auto or Kragen Auto (as of Oct 2009).

Those parts cross over to Wagner H5219 and Carlson H5219, available from Kragen Auto (as of Oct 2009).

The original application is for a Plymouth Fury (1969-1978), Dodge Aries, Aspen, Caravan, Challenger.

It may be similar to a Bendix H5638 or Raybestos H52042.

Since this is not part of a precision mechanism, most any bushing that fits will be sufficient. Rumor has it that a piece of rolled-up inner tube is also sufficient.

Carquest H5518, a caliper hardware kit for the 1978 Fury, is about $4. It contains two large bushings (which we use) and two small bushings and a retaining wire (which we don't need). Brucem 17:29, 12 October 2009 (UTC)

The control cable has no adjustment to increase the cable throw. The adjustments made at the console influence only the left-right centering of the gearshift lever relative to the housing.