Related Vehicles

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Maserati Merak (1972-1976)

  • Shared engine, trans, hydraulic system, dashboard (1977-82 did not use Citroën dash or hydraulics)

Maserati Quattroporte II (1974-1978)

  • Shared Merak/SS 3L engine and Citroën transaxle
  • Shared (extended) SM chassis, hydropneumatic suspension, DIRAVI steering

Lotus Esprit (up to 1987)

  • Shared SM Transaxle with mods

Ligier JS2 (1971-1977)

  • Shared Merak/SM 3L engine and Citroën transaxle

Matra (something)

Please revise - I have not found any connection between the Citroën SM and any MATRA