Rebuilding An Engine

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Things to do

  • New chains!
  • Fit solid exhaust valves.
  • Grease main oil galley O ring to timing cover
  • Clean Out Oil Feed Restrictors in Heads, one for each cam, 5 holes in each
  • clean out restrictors to front & rear bearings of the inter shaft.
  • Replace half moon seals at end of camshafts in head.

Modifications to Make

  • curved primary chain tensioner (See Primary Chain Tensioner)
  • Oil Pump Driveshaft
  • Drill 0.5mm oil spray hole onto primary chain. (See Primary Chain Oil Spray)
  • Oil Pickup Modification
  • I've heard that Jerry Hathaway recommends removing a mil or so from the connecting rod big ends to improve crush on the bearings. Brucem 19:48, 23 July 2008 (EDT)
  • John Titus has demonstrated the feasibility of using main bearings from a Ford V8 engine in place of the expensive ($400 ++) Vandervell main bearings. The bearings fit the SM crankshaft out of the box. The block must be line bored to accept the Ford bearings. No other modifications are required.
Maserati Block with Ford Bearings - John Titus photo

General Notes

  • Where to Buy Parts
  • A pleasant video from SM World on priming and starting a freshly rebuilt engine: