Rear Brake Pads

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There are two part numbers for the rear brakes based on car manufacture date. They are not interchangeable.

These look interchangeable with GS brakes, but do not believe it!

  • DP244.....Citroen SM 71-72 (EBC lists it as 71-74, but don't believe that!)
    • Actual dimensions: 49 x 59 x 12mm
    • Textar V-1431 FF
    • No indicator wire
    • Early versions two-part (layer) back plate. These are obsolete.
    • later versions had material bonded directly to finned aluminum frame
  • DP245.....Citroen SM 73-on
    • Actual dimensions: 54 x 69 x 12mm
    • Indicator wire

Can I find the chassis number and date for switchover? Brucem -- Textar catalog implies that the switch date was 6/72.