Primary Chain Oil Spray

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The original design of the engine did not provide a direct oil spray onto the primary chain. This is felt to have contributed to the early wear of chains. While modern chains may not need the direct lubrication, it is possible to add the spray that Citroen fitted to all later engines. In order to locate the spray correctly, the following jig is required.

Drawings of a Citroen/Maserati-designed jig to locate a drilling site

Page 1
Page 2

Combined PDF: OilSprayDrillingJig.pdf

The original spec was for an 0.5mm hole, but this is thought to be too hard for most everyone to accomplish, and perhaps too small to be useful. Thus the substitution with a 1.0mm hole.

(Does anyone have one of these jigs to rent?) Brucem 23:42, 18 August 2008 (UTC)