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Fram HP1 == Purflux LS171

NOT "PH1"! Fram hp1 specs.jpg

K&N Alternative

K&N HP-3001 is a direct cross.

The K&N is superior in many respects:

  • It has a slightly higher burst strength.
  • The anti-drain back valve is at the bottom of the can rather than the top so that the filter is FULL of oil at all times... like at startup when you need it!
  • Better filter material to pick up finer particulates.
  • Better internal construction: The top and bottom of the filter (inside) is glued to a metal cap, whereas the FRAM uses paper caps.
  • A 1" welded hex on the top to make removal a breeze (why aren't all filters that way!!!???)
  • There's a hole in the hex to permit the use of safety wire (in case you are a crazy nut racing SMs on frozen lakes in NY)
  • They cost the same as the FRAM.
  • They are White instead of Orange.


Filter: 10-20 microns (.0000394-.0000788")

Flow: 12-16 US Gallons per minute (45-60 liters per minute)

Burst: 550psi (37.9 bar, 38.6 Kg-Force/square meter) by Hydrostatic test

PSI Relief Valve: 8-11

K&N P/N HP-3001 cost around $10 US