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Good prices, even factoring in their membership fee (80 EU annually for Jan-Dec) and initial order fee (80 EU added to first parts order).
Not organized in a way that you can pull out "just" SM parts, but among other things note that they sell key blanks.
Mostly 2CV, but they may have a few SM items
Mostly ID/DS, but with some SM stuff
  • Brodie Engineering
    • No longer affiliated with Andrew Brodie
    • Sells NOS, repro, and improved parts
  • Andrew Brodie is sadly deceased and his parts are no longer available.
Shop Proprietor Location Country Phone Web/Email
Brad Nauss Automotive Brad Nauss 30 A West Allen Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
USA (717) 691-8550

Brad Nauss Automotive

  • TBD

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