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Curved Fixed Limiter -

MkII v2.3 Solid MDS Nylon Curved Fixed Limiter for the C114 Primary Chain

Web-DSC04334.JPG Web-DSC04340.JPG


Mk II (v2.3): (Inquire) ea + shipping costs

Cam Chain Limiter - Upper

Web-DSC05267.JPG Web-DSC05276.JPG

Mk I (v1.1 - M5 thread): (Inquire) ea + shipping costs

Mk II (v1.2 - M6 thread): (Inquire) ea + shipping costs

Cam Chain Limiter - Lower

Web-DSC05281.JPG Web-DSC05430.JPG Web-DSC05428.JPG

Compare to OEM rubbing block

Mk II (v1.2): (Inquire) ea + shipping costs

Modifications or customizations incur a shop rate charge of $25/hr.

To order contact me: email - / Skype - Injuhneer

Injuhneer 20:48, 2 November 2010 (UTC)