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  • Andrew Brodie: (or) +44(0)2083492260
  • David Osborne: (or) +44(0)1483272518


These are modifications that do not require "Brodie" parts, but were invented and engineered by Andrew.

  • (too many to list :-)

Alternate Fittings

David Osborne and Andrew Brodie of Semantics in UK have combined Andrew’s long experience of Citroens with David’s background in electronics to offer SM owners some specialised modern electronic modules to enhance enjoyment of our wonderful cars.

Light and Window Module

Brodie Module, fitted

Our first product for the SM is a small module that mounts under the ashtray in the central console, picks up existing wires and offers these modern day convenience features:

  • Interior light stays on 40 seconds after you shut the doors, then fades out, or fades out immediately the ignition is switched on.
  • Electric windows remain active for 2+ minutes after the interior light or ignition has been turned off.
  • Opening a door activates the electric windows for 2+ minutes.

The photograph shows a module (blue with white label) within the ashtray cavity, awaiting assembly of its 6 wires. Buyers have expressed their enthusiasm for the purchase.

We set the objective to avoid any permanent modification to the car ... you just plug in the new module, and if you so wish you can remove it just as easily. We also set the objective that the reliability and robustness of the module should be as high as possible.

  • Cost: £45.00 (70Euros)
  • Shipping: (depends on destination)

A universal interior light module that is independent of the battery and switch polarity in the car, so applicable to any classic car, for instance the DS, is also available for £30.00 (45Euros).

Alternator Controller

An alternator controller intended for SM and DS, which will provide a small boost to alternator output in its present form, and will be developed to give an appreciable boost to output at lower rpm. This module will require a direct Battery + connection.

Water Pump Seal

(need details)