Keys and Locks

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  • Ignition blank : Dominion Lock number VC26
  • DOOR and HATCHBACK blank : Dominion Lock number L62UC

These numbers can also be cross referenced to ILCO numbers or TAYLOR numbers ,which ever company your locksmith deals with.


Original type hinged flip-flop ignition key blanks are available from MIE Corporation. Tel. 1-800-627-3728

Door Locks

If the metal bar on the back of the lock breaks, the key will turn with no effect.


  1. Make a saw cut into the barrel the approximate width of the broken off piece.
  2. Use the metal tang from a commercial doorlock (suitablly shaped)

Lock Replacement

  • Locks from an old GS will fit
  • Locks from 85-88 BX fit round the barrel, but may need slight mod