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If you want to know what kind of SM you are dealing with, you need to check three numbers. We show you where to look and the meaning of the numbers:

  • the car serial number.
  • the engine type and serial number.
  • the color number.

Car Serial number

The serial number of the car is located next to the engine on the RHS of the body:


Please refer to the list of serial numbers for more details.

Engine type and number

The engine type and number of the engine is located below the distributor:


See Engine Serial Numbers

The USA (and Canada?) models included emission adjustments such as an airpump.

Please refer to the list of engine numbers for more details.

Color identification

The color of the SM is identified using a number, which starts with AC - just like other Citroën cars, if not all.


The color identification is close to the car identification.

See Colors and Color Codes for more details.