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Now click "Save Page". Your page is done!
Now click "Save Page". Your page is done!

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If this is your first time editing a wiki, don't worry! Creating and editing pages is very easy.

The first step is to create an account. You can do this by clicking on the "log in / create account" link in the top right.

Next, (and this will seem strange) you have to decide the name of your page before you create it. Usually it is less than five words, but it's a judgment call.

Type that name in the search box in the left navigation column.

If you are creating a page in the Marketplace, type Marketplace: in front of the name. For example, if I wanted to add a page called 'Tiny Cars' to the Marketplace, I would enter Marketplace: Tiny Cars in the search box.

Click the "Go" button there.

Since you're creating a new page, you should expect to see a page saying "there is no such page".

  • If you don't see that -- congratulations, you have chosen the same page name as someone else. Either change your planned name or edit that page.

In the text it has a red link that says "create this page". Click that.

Now start typing!

When you're done, click "Show Preview" to see what the page will look like. That will leave the edit window at the bottom so that you can revise it. Your new page is not saved yet!

Now click "Save Page". Your page is done!