Fuel Pump Cutout

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After November 1971, all SM's were fitted with a safety fuel pump cut off device.

It is a grey box, with "Jaeger" on it, and it resides in front of the co-pilot (passenger)'s feet. Right behind the climate box that is there (big black plastic thing). Later cars have a smaller silver box underneath/behind the glovebox.

What is its purpose?

It's the fuel pump safety cut out. 4 wire input plug.

  • Cuts out fuel pump after 5 seconds when engine is not running (less than 350 RPM)
  • gives pump 1 sec run each time you turn on ignition. Operates via a relay behind the dash.

Since it takes its info from the rev-counter feed wire, if your rev-counter is disconnected it will not allow the fuel pump to work!!!!

You can temporarily disconnect it by searching for a 4off red bullet set of wires behind the RHS console side. Take out the down-lead and connect the two remaining reds together, fuel pump will run at all times the ignition is on. Not recommended for service use.

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