Engine Weaknesses

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Real Weaknesses

Problem Type See
Oil pump shaft is slightly too short Design Oil Pump Driveshaft
Primary chain tensioner Design Primary Chain Tensioner
No oil to Primary Chain Design Primary Chain Oil Spray
York Compressor caused shocks on intermediate shaft Design Air Conditioning
Early oil pickups can crack, leading to air in system Design Oil Pickup Modification
Early fuel injectors Design Danger
Sodium-filled exhaust valves Age-related Danger
Fuel and Oil hoses Age-related Danger
Starter circuit overloads ignition switch Design Ignition Switch
Early Water Pump seal is flawed Design Water Pump

Rumored (but not factual) Weaknesses

  • primary timing gear press-fit on crankshaft
- It was rumored that it could slip.
- If it ever did, it was a one-engine thing. No change recommended.

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