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Welcome to the Citroen SM Wiki

(I'll be replacing this with a more useful page in a month or so)


To provide a community-editable repository of history, notes, recommendations, and sources for Citroen SM enthusiasts and their vehicles.


There have been many SM sites on the net. Some, like, have gone dark. There are excellent ones that are still active. The Sport-Maserati Yahoo! Group [[1]] is very active, and supports uploads of files and photos.

But I can't recall seeing a single one that supports and encourages your direct participation via a wiki.

(I've run a small wiki for years under that has some SM content but that's been a more modest and personal archive)

So this is a long-term project. It uses industry-standard MediaWiki software (the software that runs Wikipedia) and is professionally hosted. In addition, I'm a software professional so I'm not scared off by web-technical issues.

This site is not affiliated with any club or commercial firm.

Request for Contributions

I plan to start migrating my notes (mostly culled from Sport-Maserati-L) onto this as I embark on two projects -- getting my white SM back together after an engine rebuild, and bringing a Euro SM into the family.

Wiki Technology

  • This wiki software (Mediawiki) provides a number of tools to maintain the integrity of the information.
    • All changes are logged and can be reviewed. This includes deleted pages. Only system operators can permanently expunge things.
    • On any page, click "History" to see the list of changes and their sources
    • From History, you can identify the changes between two versions.
    • All changes are logged and tagged with the user name or IP address who made them.
    • (I can turn on "must be registered to edit pages" if appropriate)
    • Pages can be protected from editing.
    • The wiki provides a tool to patrol edits (i.e. verify them) See
    • There are user groups and permission levels. Sysops (system operators) can block users if need be.

Intellectual Property and Security

  • Copyrighted information will not be permitted. Notify me (brucem) if you detect any.

Getting started

  • Create a login with an email address. Don't use a password that you use elsewhere.
  • Log in and visit your User page (click the "My page" link to the left) -- add some notes, photos, whatever
  • Check out Recent Changes [[2]]
  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • Shoot me an email with your thoughts, ideas, and requests!

Cheers, and Welcome Aboard! Brucem 02:13, 21 July 2008 (EDT)