Assessing and Inspecting

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What are the appropriate things to check before or after purchasing an SM in order to assess its state, safety, and immediate needs?

See also Danger

  • Does engine move freely?
Remove plugs
Engage fourth gear
Can car move?
If on a ramp, you can turn the engine with a screwdriver against the starter ring.
  • Exhaust valves
If possible, do not start it until checking that they are not sodium filled.
  • Fuel lines
They crack and spray gasoline all over
  • Rust
SM cars normally get cosmetically bad before major structural rust is a danger. As the car is easy to inspect when on a ramp, it is not difficult to assess the car.
  • Primary Chain Tensioner
Drop the oil pan to check position of tensioner, and presence or absence of curved static tensioner. See also below.
  • Secondary Chains
As a quick check, rev the engine gently to 3000 RPM, and let it idle. If you hear a chain noise as the engine accelerates & slows down, then you have chain work to do. A SM engine in good condition has NO MECHANICAL NOISES AT ALL.

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