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Straight (direct swap and commonly available) Options

Area Part Manufacturer Part number Notes
Engine Air Filter K&N RU-3130 fits on air cleaner elbow, allows you to remove the large OEM air filter box to free up space
Engine Air Filter Purolator A34878 fits inside original OEM air filter box - But airflow through the filter is reversed

The original air filter is cleanable and re-useable.

Engine Fuel pump Purolator Pro 60SV  
Engine Oil Filter K&N HP-3001 See Oil Filter for more info
Engine Thermostat Stant 45379 195 degrees

Reproductions and Improved Parts

  • SM World sells:
    • machined replacement for gearshift knob
    • machined replacement for parking brake release knob. No more peeling!
    • Rumor also that he is producing new (aluminum?) wheels
    • Brass, powder-coated hood release pulls
  • DS-VitesseHarry Martens sells:
    • new transmission input shafts
    • new outputshaft seals
    • new synchronizerrings
    • new bearings
    • all gearboxparts. complete overhauld gearboxes in stock
  • Andrew Brodie (Brodule) (NOT!) sells:
    • A well-regarded lights and windows module
    • An improved water pump seal -- See Water Pump
  • Mike Oberle / OOTFAB sells:
    • Solid Nylon Curved Fixed Primary Chain Limiter
    • Solid Nylon cam chain snubbing blocks for head and engine block
  • John Titus (see Marketplace page) sells:
    • New reduction starters
    • Complete ignition systems based on GM HEI components
    • Grose Jet replacement carburetter float valves
    • PacSeal 601 Water Pump Seals and fittings to modify MKI water pump seals

Chain Options

SM Club de France

Renold Synergy

IWIS from alternate application

(courtesy of John Titus)

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