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| Engine
| Engine
| Air Filter
| Air Filter
| Purolator
| Mann
| A34878
| C16162/1
| fits inside original OEM air filter box - But airflow through the filter is reversed
| From Porsche 911: requires fabrication of a short spacer from a piece of 4 inch ABS drain pipe.
The original air filter is cleanable and re-useable.
| Engine
| Engine

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Straight (direct swap and commonly available) Options

Area Part Manufacturer Part number Notes
Engine Air Filter K&N RU-3130 fits on air cleaner elbow, allows you to remove the large OEM air filter box to free up space
Engine Air Filter Mann C16162/1 From Porsche 911: requires fabrication of a short spacer from a piece of 4 inch ABS drain pipe.
Engine Fuel pump Purolator Pro 60SV  
Engine Oil Filter K&N HP-3001 See Oil Filter for more info
Engine Thermostat Stant / OEM 13376 (160F) / 13378 (180F) The original thermostat is 167F so the aftermarket choices are -7 or +13F

Reproductions and Improved Parts

  • SM World sells:
    • machined replacement for gearshift knob
    • machined replacement for parking brake release knob. No more peeling!
    • Rumor also that he is producing new (aluminum?) wheels
    • Brass, powder-coated hood release pulls
  • DS-VitesseHarry Martens sells:
    • new transmission input shafts
    • new outputshaft seals
    • new synchronizerrings
    • new bearings
    • all gearboxparts. complete overhauld gearboxes in stock
  • Andrew Brodie (Brodule) (NOT Brodie.co.uk!) sells:
    • A well-regarded lights and windows module
    • An improved water pump seal -- See Water Pump

Chain Options

SM Club de France

Renold Synergy

IWIS from alternate application

  • Order two timing chains for a 1991 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL (186 links) Mercedes-Benz P/N A5100-11943) about $85 each.
    • http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/search/?Ntt=w0133-1613059&N=0&uts=true
    • Each comes with one master link.
    • Cut both in two for one SM primary chain (74 links) and one cam chain (102 links).
    • Buy two extra master links for same car (P/N W0133-1641757) (Auto Parts Warehouse.com) $5.00 each.
    • This yields two upper and two lower chains (you end up with a spare main chain) for about $170.
    • You can stop there or you can additionally buy one timing chain for a 1991 500 SL (PN A5100-67113) (228 links) and one more master link to make two additional upper chains for about $125
    • This yields enough chains for two engines for about $300 ($150 per engine).
    • Data current as of Nov 2008 (prices may vary)

(courtesy of John Titus)

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